Bicycling Sanibel

Sanibel is a great place to bike!  It’s flat and easy to get around, with no hills at all (unless you count the new causeway bridge).

There is great weather most of the time.  We can be out biking when our friends up north are huddled in front of the fire or out shoveling snow.

There are great things to see and do on a bike in Sanibel.  Sanibel has more path-miles connecting more important community resources than any other small town in the country. For example: 

So biking on Sanibel can be a lot of fun, and once you start using your bike to do all these things, it becomes a unique lifestyle.

And it’s all so easy, because Sanibel is one of the most bike-friendly places you’ll ever find.  The path system connects most places, and most of the paths are now located safely away from vehicular traffic.  When you are tired of riding on the paths, the island has pleasant streets to explore. 

Visitors sometimes ask whether they may cycle on the roads even if there’s a path next to the road. Florida law specifically allows bicyclists to use roadways. On Sanibel, the paths are usually the better option for most cyclists, but that’s not mandatory. The choice should be based on safety considerations, both for cyclists and for other path users. If you're cycling at slower speeds and enjoying our nature, the paths would ordinarily provide a safer and more enjoyable ride - and you'll make some Sanibel motorists happier. But Sanibel's paths are shared use paths and there are lots of runners, walkers and dog-walkers, so if you're out exercising and cranking away, you might be better off on the roads, as you may legally do. The ultimate choice will depend on cycling speed, visibility, weather conditions and the amount of other traffic on the paths and roads. Use your best judgment; keep our paths safe!

Sanibel’s path system has been recognized as one of the island’s “crown jewels” by visitors, by residents, by our City Government & by the greater biking world.  It’s one of the things that bring people back year after year, along with the island’s beaches, its shells, its waters, its birds & other wildlife.

Biking can be good for you, in a couple of ways:  It’s good exercise for your body and your mind.  It can get your circulation going, give you a good cardio workout, clear your mind and reduce stress.  It’s also good for the environment, since riding a bike uses no oil and puts no pollution into the atmosphere. 

So get out there and start pedaling!


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